About us

The Steel Protection Consultancy is an independent coatings and corrosion company with a world class reputation for protecting against the damaging, dangerous and sometimes devastating effects of corrosion in all types of steel structures.

From bridges to skyscrapers and from wind farms to sports stadia, SPC has been responsible for potentially saving many millions of pounds on projects all around the world, by ensuring state of the art corrosion protection and ultimate longevity of important steel structures.

SPC advises many Government departments both in the UK and overseas, leading consulting engineers, contracting, construction and fabrication companies, together with other owners who invest in top level advice and support to obtain maximum life from their property.

Formed in 1994 but with nearly 50 years of professional services behind it, SPC has a nucleus of the world’s leading specialists in the field of protection of steel structures.

The map below highlights in yellow the countries in which SPC expertise has been utilised in the fight against corrosion in steel structures.