Water defence

The best coatings systems for extreme environments

Water is one of the most potentially difficult environments for steel. The SPC team has years of experience in ensuring the long-term integrity of coating systems for steel water defence structures, even in a subsea environment.

In the 1970s, SPC consultants were involved in treating the Thames Barrier and floodgates to a 25 year life coating. Condition surveys carried out between 2005-8 concluded that this
coating system is now expected to last approximately 40+ years before requiring major maintenance, with only minor maintenance now being undertaken to the floodgates after 34 years in service.

SPC has worked on many types of barrier and floodgate projects throughout the Middle East, Asia and other parts of the world.

Our previous projects include:
– Thames Barrier and floodgates, London
– Water project, Jordan
– Floodgates, Wisbech, UK
– Kotri Barrier, Pakistan
– Barking Barrier, Essex, UK

Dartford Barrier, London

Thames Barrier, London

Barking Barrier, England

SPC has been a valued
and reliable partner for
well over a decade, on
the Thames Barrier and
recently in carrying out
QA inspections on our
Ipswich Barrier project
and drafting simple,
practical paint repair
procedures for lock gates
in London

– Windsor Young, Regional Framework Manager,
VolkerStevin Ltd